Murder in the Marsh


This fascinating story is from a 1902 Field and Stream article.  “Murder” as it has become commonly called to us is a misrepresentation.  How the story has been passed down to me is much different than the interpretation in the article.  Whether my great grandfather was one of these men or not (local folklore believes it to be), this was a time when men traveled by horse and carriage on land and pirogues by water in order to hunt.  Men of this time housed large families, and many times extended family members as well, in their homes.  Hunters would leave for several day long trips to travel the 20 miles to what is now known as Lake Bistineau, set up camp and hunt for meat that would be a supper staple until the next hunting season.  A group of local men built a dam across Bayou Dorcheat so that tributaries would back up the winter rains, subsequently creating a fowl migration paradise.  In “Murder,” time and effort came to fruition in the story depicted here – a slaughter that provided for multitudes of family.  Keep in mind that hunters today fly 13 plus hours away to do what these men did here.  What is portrayed as a massacre was regarded as a fruitful bounty in this day and age.

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