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Heritage Co.

All too often we do not realize the impact of people and experiences in our lives as they happen day to day.  In the ferocious hurry of life, the small things become the big things upon reflection. These small experiences and big experiences, turn into the experience of a lifetime.

Here at 1928 Heritage Company, we celebrate and honor our heritage but we also want to honor yours.  Ours is a tradition that is 5 generations and growing: celebrating hunting, fishing, the outdoors, family and friends in a conglomeration.  It is about the smiling faces, the high fives, the lessons learned, and being able to share that with the people we are closest to.  However, it is bigger than just our generation and who we are.  It is something to be proud of and something we want to keep passing on.

tubyIn 1928, a man named Robert Goodwill was born and raised in north Louisiana.  This soft spoken, frugal, and sometimes obdurate man is known to all of us as Tuby.  Avid does not well enough describe his passion for hunting – duck, quail, fishing the cypress lake holes at Lake Bistineau, chasing gobblers in the spring, brushing his duck blinds in the summer, and during the slow months skulking the squirrel population all over the bottoms of NWLA.  This is a twelve month occupation that does not even stop in 100° Louisiana heat (even when one is 87 year old).  When you are as good as he is at what he does, folks are tenderhearted with respect for this man.  He can fish behind some of the best with quiet and simple ease.  There is a knack for knowing what to do and when to do it.

What makes this man special and an icon to celebrate comes down to one word:  presence.  He included me in everything he did and was the backbone of my raising.  We have always been close, but not until I have had the opportunities of my own to include friends and now my own young boys to be a part of what he taught me have I realized how deeply his values and appreciation for the sport of hunting and fishing is.  These values have merged into ethics and morals I stand by solidly.  They have made me who I am.  1928 Heritage Co. goes beyond a great mallard hunt or bragging rights – it is about celebrating memories made and passing on to others the simple experiences and pleasures that abound outdoors.